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Naoya and Hiroki by Youriko-Chan Naoya and Hiroki :iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 14 17 heigh difference by Youriko-Chan heigh difference :iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 37 14 AoH Noel van Gelion Charasheet by Youriko-Chan AoH Noel van Gelion Charasheet :iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 9 156 Smile by Youriko-Chan Smile :iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 6 10 Edward Elric 8D by Youriko-Chan Edward Elric 8D :iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 7 32

He always loved the rich red colours of those flowers growing in his garden. He always loved how they blossomed and bloomed with such an intensity only blood could reach. He loved how they looked when his mother wore them as decoration. The red of the flowers and this silky black of her bun just looked perfect in his eyes.
He always loved when the Higanbana bloomed.

When they bloom...
A chilly breeze made the young man shiver as he sat in his room by the window reading a book he just recently got from his mother's library.
He was quite fond of this one – as it was a novel with lots of crime and sex in it – not that he was so fond of porno-graphical books, no, not nearly right, he just enjoyed reading books in which women killed their lovers out of the blue only to be revealed as betrayed wives.
(Secretly he thought that unfaithful men deserved nothing else than such a death.)
He read on and enjoyed the cool wind, welcomed it, as it was hot and
:iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 4 57
Mature content
Advanced Knowledge :iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 7 5
Basic Knowledge
Basic knowledge
When a person fell in love with another, it was common, that this person told the one he or she loved.
But not, when this person was Lan Fan, then things became difficult from the very beginning of these feelings.
"Lan Fan, you've been sighing awfully much these days...", Ling told his servant, as she did it again while brushing his hair.
"I... I'm sorry, young master", she said and stopped briefly. "Don't be. I'm just curious, why you do that...", the boy said with a smile as he turned around to face her and bringing his hair in disorder again. "Young master!", she told him and with a soft chuckle he turned around again, so that she could brush these soft and silky strands she loved so much, what – of course – she would never tell anyone.
"So tell me?", he said with a soft purr as she continued her work. "I-it's nothing interesting, really... I don't want to bore you, young master..." "Maybe it is~?"
She sighed again and Ling took her hand that still h
:iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 5 11
For some time now Greed knew, that something was wrong with him. At first the little prince got on his nerves for always wanting his body back, for always interrupting and all these things he did.
But now?
Now he caught himself listening to the prince's voice and smiling while doing that.
Was he mental? He must have been, that was the only reasonable way!
One day, as Ling had control over his body Greed told him what was going on in his mind for quite a while now.
"Oi, brat..." "Yes, Greed?" "I want my own body..." "Is this even possible?" "Dunno... But I want it real bad!" "You always want everything real bad, Greed. You're greedy..." "Hell, I know, I am..." "I'll ask Edward's father, he knows quite a lot. Maybe he can help us?" "Fine..."
Secretly Greed cursed himself because he was so excited that he prince had said us.
But he knew, Ling loved his little fella, the girl that had cut off her arm for him.
That wasn't something everyone would do for you,
:iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 3 8
Golden Eyes
Golden Eyes
Oh yes, she knew what had happened, she knew she had fallen in love with her childhood friend and she knew that he would never realize how she felt.
But... she didn't care at all.
He was always worried about her well being, he loved her so much even though still only as a friend, and she was happy with it.
She was proud.
She gave him a leg to stand on. She gave him an arm to fight with, to protect what he cared for.
She helped him so many times... he saved her life, her soul...
And although she was happy and proud and fine with her situation, her heart ached, yearned for more.
And now?
Now he had his arm and leg back, had his brother back, had saved their country, their world... now he didn't need her anymore.
Now she was useless.
Winry closed her eyes and sighed as she was polishing a new prototype of automail. Even Lan Fan had her arm back...
What should she do? She had no connection to him anymore. He dropped by so seldom, maybe he didn't care at all.
What happene
:iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 1 5
His heart felt heavy as if he had lost someone precious to him.
But all his friends were by his side, but why did he feel so sad then?
I'm forever in your heart...
Strange whispers, a sweet soothing voice so dear to him. But why was it that he couldn't recognize it?
An ocean so blue, a sky so high... but something was missing, someone he knew and needed...
It was Kairi, she smiled and waved at him.
The girl sat down next to him on the shore. "You have been thinking a lot, right?" "Why do you know?" "Because you always get this cute look on your face when you're concentrating."
She chuckled softly and watched the ocean's waves.
"Do you remember?", she asked and her voice seemed somewhat different. "Huh?" "Nothing..." "Tell me... Kairi, I... I've been thinking a lot, you are right..."
The girl smiled at him kindly and took his hand. Sora looked at her questioningly but then felt the cool shells on his skin.
"Your Thalassa shells...", he said and
:iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 1 5
Ai Enma - Behind Red Eyes by Youriko-Chan Ai Enma - Behind Red Eyes :iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 3 5
Other way round
Other way round
I'm terribly sorry, Xiao! It's late and not even what you wanted it to be! Sorry... But I hope you like it at least a tiny bit!*bows*
Happy birthday, Xiao!

Why did it always happen this way round?
She cried when her grandfather died and Ling comforted her. She cried when he nearly died and again he comforted her.
Wasn't she supposed to comfort him, at least from time to time? Then why was she always the crying one? Why was it Ling that had to comfort her, to tell her everything would be fine, why?
Was she that weak?
When she asked him, he replied: "You are the strongest girl, I know. But I can't stand it, when you cry, so I comfort you, that you'll feel better."
So she wasn't weak, but she cried a lot these days.
She cried when she got her arm back from Edward's father too... She was so very happy, she thought she would have a chance now, to... what was she thinking?
Her prince would never make her his bride... never. He wasn't supposed to be h
:iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 2 5
Ling - Minor Inconvenience by Youriko-Chan Ling - Minor Inconvenience :iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 27 33
Mature content
The strange way ... 2 of 2 :iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 5 9
The strange way ... 1 of 2
The strange way of expressing someone's feelings 1/2
Ling Yao was the heir of the Yao clan, 12th prince of Xing , proud, strong, able to protect himself and his loved ones and capable of becoming the next emperor... but he had one weakness: he was greedy as hell -  and that was a nice way to put it...
He was so greedy, that he let the sin himself take over his body, just that he could have power. He was so greedy, that in the end the defeated the homunculus by himself.
He was so greedy, that he couldn't let his loved one die, even though she felt disgrace for falling in love with him.
Yet Ling was a fine guy, with a good heart... and yet he sucked at expressing his very own feelings.
Back at Xing he told his mother what he had seen and what happened. After he told her about Fuu's death, he fell silent.
His mother looked at him with warm and caring eyes. She already knew about everything for she was a dream seer, but she still listened to her son. How mature he had beco
:iconyouriko-chan:Youriko-Chan 2 5


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So guys,
thank you for all the nice comments, watches and faves ;W;

But I decided that it's time for a new account, call it a new beginning >D

New account can be found over here.

Hope you don't mind that too much <'D

(No, I won't leave this account for ever, don't worry, but new stuff will be uploaded on the new account!)
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again, I don't know what to write...
But I will try to update this as soon as possible with something...


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